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The Big Decision

Choosing a web marketing company can be a daunting experience, particularly if you have already had your fingers burnt by previous seo experiences. You are confronted with bold claims of enormous growth and stellar sales, leaving you dreaming of how you are going to cope with all this success. Employing or changing web marketing agency can give you a feeling you have solved your problems, much the same as when a football club hires or changes manager, but have you?

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How We Work

Building a successful web operation involves many areas. At Marz Ventures we provide a web development service tailored to the needs of the business. Just focusing on traffic levels and rankings does have some value, but is unlikely to deliver success.

We begin by meeting up to discuss your requirements and what your aspirations are for the future of the business. Next we then put together a web development proposal to achieve your aims within a workable budget for the business.

Personal Service

Marz Ventures is focused on providing an honest, personal service and on achieving measurable success from long term web development strategies. We will not enter into short term risk taking aimed at manipulating the system or jeopardising the long term prospects of the business.

The modern approach to web success involves developing the marketing of the business across a variety of platforms including on site structure, AdWords, content marketing, social strategies, email advertising and off site marketing. Any aspect of digital development aimed at exploiting a tactic for manipulation or gain of rankings is in our opinion gambling with the future of the business. Any tactic that works today is likely to be punished tomorrow.

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Wide Portfolio

We are happy to work with businesses of varied sizes both large and small, either for one off exercises or large projects, our aim is the same to provide results leading to trust and a long term relationship. If we feel our services are not right for your needs we will say. Value is also placed on utilizing in-house resources where possible as the combination of good web development marketing from Marz Ventures and the expertise in the marketplace of the client increases the chances of success.

Having agreed an approach for your business we usually begin with a site status review, followed by implementing a list of improvements. We can then go on to develop bespoke stats to allow easy analysis of web performance and  begin development of the online business.

Google Partner and Bing Accredited Professional

As a fully qualified Google partner and Bing accredited professional Marz Ventures can also offer a comprehensive search marketing service. This includes everything from Google text ads to mobile remarketing, You Tube to the Bing/Yahoo network.

More Details…

Site Status Review > 

To build up a clear picture of the business’s current position a full review can be conducted to identify opportunities, areas for concern, etc. Every aspect of the site will be considered including seo, adwords and customer experience. More>

Bespoke Stats Specific to your needs >

Introducing the correct stats specific to your business are important to every aspect of a successful web development plan. Here we identify and agree your key performance indicators and calculate an accurate ROI stat. More >

On Site Development >

Maximising the way a website is structured can have a major impact on performance. Google has over 200 ranking factors including many areas such as great content, ease of use, relevancy, site speed and customer experience. More >

Email Marketing >

Email marketing is an excellent method of advertising and can offer attractive financial returns. Stats can be set up to work out ROI and developing a relevant email database is a worthwhile strategy and can add value to the potential sale value of the business. More >

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