Site Status Review

Understanding Your Online Business

At first, any internet venture can feel both exciting and daunting. A site status review represents the ideal place to start with any new client and provides a clear picture of the challenges lying ahead. This offers the opportunity for us to get to know the business better along with the market sector. The review although dealing with technical areas is written in plain English and designed to be easily understood. From here decisions can be made on how to progress and a tailored marketing plan built.

Every aspect of the site will be considered including SEO, PPC, opportunities, areas for concern, customer experience and more.

MARZ Ventures Reports

This report allows both the client and Marz Ventures to gain a detailed understanding of the website and its position within the marketplace along with relative strengths and weaknesses. The review includes both basic and technical data clearly explained, all of which are essential to making sound business decisions.

Custom To Your Marketplace and Targets

Every web business is different, from eCommerce to brand awareness, each client has their own individual aspirations. As with every aspect of our approach, the site status review is specific and bespoke to the needs of each client. Defined areas of research can be agreed and this report forms the basis of how we go on to develop and market the business.

The report will include the following areas, but have a bespoke approach and develop based on our findings:

1 - Site Status & Position Review Opportunities/Current SEO

1 - Site Status & Position Review

1.1 Traffic Levels
1.2 Bounce Rate
1.3 Visiting Keywords
1.4 Conversions - 1.4.1 GA Goal Tracking 1.4.2 GA Economic Stats
1.5 Referrals
1.6 Site Speed
1.7 Link Profile
1.8 Crawl Diagnostics - 1.8.1 Duplicate Page Content 1.8.2 4XX Client Errors 1.8.3 General Crawl Issues
1.9 Meta Titles
1.10 HTTPS
1.11 Cookie Disclaimer

Opportunities/Current SEO

2.1 Methods
2.2 Keywords
2.3 Link Building
2.3.1 Link Building for Marketing
2.4 On Site Content/Blogs
2.5 Email Marketing
2.6 You Tube
2.7 Social Media
2.8 Faceted Search

PPC (Pay Per Click) and Social Media Marketing (SMM)

As a Google partner and Bing accredited professional Marz Ventures are well placed to offer a wide selection of online marketing opportunities. The Pay Per Click and SMM platforms are continuing to evolve and the ever growing choice of methods offers great flexibility for any business.

The Site Status Review will give a detailed breakdown of the PPC and social media marketplace including:

3. AdWords Marketing  4. Facebook Marketing

3. AdWords Marketing 

4.1 Types of Ads
4.1.1 Text Ad Campaign
4.1.2 Keyword Targeting
4.1.3 Negative Keywords
4.1.4 Remarketing
4.1.5 Display Network
4.1.6 Mobile ads
4.2 Adwords Conversion Tracking
4.3 Tracking Performance (KPI)
4.4 Timescale
4.4.1 Stage 1: Testing
4.4.2 Stage 2: Growth and Scale Up
4.4.3 Stage 3: Further Growth

4. Facebook Marketing

3.1 Local Campaigns
3.2 E- Shot Offers
3.3 Facebook Custom Audience Building
3.4 Facebook Remarketing
3.5 Conversion Tracking

Success Through Focus And Preparation 

Achieving great results online requires a combination of planning, understanding and focus. No single method will deliver results and having a wide ranging approach from Google advertising through to traditional offline marketing is the best way to deliver success. The Site Status Review offers the perfect gateway to realising a businesses online potential.

We Are Here To Help 

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