You Tube – Video Marketing That Works

You Tube & Video – Advertise Your Message Visually

Video marketing is becoming a big growth area. Increased bandwidth and fibre-optic broadband connections are allowing businesses to promote their services via visually engaging platforms. Across all forms of advertising and social media, there is huge growth taking place in video marketing. The opportunity to produce TV style advertising and captivate an audience for a measurable period of time offers clear advantages in getting the right message across.

You Tube – Part of The Google Owned AdWords Network

You Tube is owned by Google and this gives you access to one of the world’s largest web audiences with Google AdWords for video.

As well as traditional text and display based ads you can also advertise within relative content via the true-view AdWords option. This allows full video ads to feature on You Tube both before and during existing content. A great feature with You Tube advertising is you choose an option where you only pay when a viewer chooses to watch your video.

You Tube Marketing Works

You Tube – Make Your Brand Message Stand Out

Video advertising via You Tube will capture the attention of your audience and allow you to leave a lasting message in the mind of your target audience. Whether eCommerce, B2B or sole trader you can tailor your ad to present the right image you want to convey to achieve your goals. The advantages of increasing brand awareness are huge.

You Tube – Target The Right Audience At The Right Time

One of the compelling features of all methods of Google AdWords marketing is the ability to target the right audience. Customer targeting via demographics, topics, interests, locations and more offers clear advantages for guaranteeing relevancy and return. Advertisers can even target specific sites via the Google AdWords display network and specific You Tube videos.

You Tube – Measure Success With Accountability

Using proven conversion tracking methods, return on advertising spend (ROAS) can be calculated. This is a clear advantage over conventional marketing methods such as print or TV. Using the Google AdWords interface and the correct structuring clients can see how much they have spent alongside traffic levels, engagement, visits generated and much more. E-commerce businesses can see how much revenue has been generated and service businesses can measure lead generation.


 You Tube – More Than Just Video Marketing

As part of the Google AdWords display network, You Tube also offers a wide range of marketing methods should video production be considered outside of budgeting. Advertisers can market their business to the You Tube audience via text ads, static images, banners and more. Specific targeting and conversion tracking are available for all of these methods to create a successful campaign.

As an official Google Partner, Marz Ventures can offer the full range of AdWords Pay-Per-Click services, with a professional, managed campaign. For advice or to ask any questions you may have please feel free to contact us.

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