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Search and You Will Find

Search advertising is the most commonly known form of Google advertising. This involves text ads on the Google search website and can include partner search sites. The ads are triggered by keyword searches controlled by you the advertiser. These Ads can appear across many formats including desktop, tablet and mobile.

AdWords Search Results

The Big Advantage

With the AdWords search network you can make sure you are instantly found for the services you offer and increase the growth of your business. It is difficult to imagine any company large or small that would not benefit from a well run Google marketing campaign. As of March 2016 respected online statistics website Statista showed Google holds 86.65% of the UK search market and with 59.7 million active internet users the market size speaks for itself.

Google Market Share 2016The Local Hero

Despite the scale of the market AdWords offers fantastic value for small, local focused businesses. The ability to target ads to an exact location or area, focused solely on the services of the business and only promoting to a relevant searcher actively looking for what you sell makes a compelling promotional package. Everyone from a pizzeria looking to take orders from nearby residents to a locksmith offering emergency services can profit from using Google. Developments such as the ability to show a location map, special offers and even a link to call to place an order further promote AdWords as far from the preserve of the Global brand icon.

King Of the Smartphone

There is no longer a debate, the Smartphone has changed the way we live and more importantly the way we shop. According to Deloitte 76% of adults in the UK now own a smartphone and the addiction is now a trend to take advantage of. Users are now checking their phones frequently throughout the day with collective use adding up to over a billion smartphone interactions a day. Google AdWords is focused on dominating the mobile advertising landscape with advanced features such as location targeting and mobile search advertising along with advanced features such as in app advertising and affinity marketing. The future will see some fantastic advancements and now is certainly the time to get mobile marketing savvy.


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