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Google Shopping – Start Selling Your Products Now!

AdWords Google Shopping is an extension of the Google search engine and offers image based ads for users to search via a separate platform. This a version of a price comparison site, but is often used by visitors to find a particular item or device. Once the feed is installed and your Google Shopping campaign setup you can start taking sales. No need to wait months for your site to gain seo momentum or your social media strategy to take off.

Bellow is an example search on the term ‘Nerrad Tools’ with Google Shopping ads shown:

Google Shopping Search Example

Google Shopping – Fully Customisable Software Feed Offers Control

Via the Google Merchant Centre you can connect your website product database, imagery, pricing and more. No need for time consuming uploads or constant updating, once your site has been setup with the relevant information via a programmer you are ready to start taking orders. This is a full service we can offer at Marz Ventures from setup to going live and allows maintenance and updating to take place seamlessly.

Google Merchant Centre:

Google Merchant Centre Example Stats

Google Shopping – The E-Commerce Winning Solution

Featuring full cost and return accountability Google Shopping via AdWords is a proven platform for a wide range of products from tools to baby products. Costs per click are generally very reasonable and when combined with competitive pricing and a great user experience, stellar sales growth can be achieved. The platform continues to evolve for e-commerce and new features such as price promotions and improved reporting allow Google Shopping to become the mainstay of any e-commerce marketing plan.

Google Shopping Product Performance Stats

Google Shopping – Control Your Spend And Audience

Whether you re looking to spend £5 or £5000 a day with Google Shopping via AdWords you are in control. Target people in your local town or across the globe on smart phone or laptop, the choice is yours. The large number of options to allow you to drill down to the exact market you are looking to target is so large the chances of success are extremely positive.

Google Shopping – Support From An Accredited Professional

As a Google accredited professional agency, Marz Ventures can help support your online e-commerce aspirations. For more information or to simply have a chat feel free to get in touch today. We are here to help.

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