Google Advertising

Google AdWords is Google Advertising

Google turns over in excess of 50 billion dollars annually and is continuing to grow. By a huge margin it’s biggest revenue source is PPC (Pay Per Click). AdWords is the brand name for Google PPC and in relation represents the direct opposite of seo organic listings from which it’s revenue stream is zero.

Google AdWords – The Ultimate Advertising Medium

Whatever the advertiser wants to achieve, Google AdWords offers a focused and cost effective route to success. Every aim from brand awareness to generating eCommerce sales can be targeted with a high level of relevance and control.

Google AdWords – The Evolving Marketing Revolution

Constantly, the Google AdWords interface continues to develop and the opportunities become more impressive. It is difficult to name another form of marketing which allows you to control the way you reach your target audience with such accuracy. New technology and data collection advances result in an ever evolving array of more advanced ways to increase ROAS (Return on Advertising Spend). Recent advances include customer database match advertising, native adverts and advances in dynamic remarketing.


Google AdWords – Wide Range of Marketing Methods Specific to Your Business

The range of marketing services available via AdWords goes far beyond just traditional (PPC) Pay Per Click search adverts. Via the display network you can target over 2 million websites and reach 90% of the global internet audience with image rich advertising. The range of options includes video marketing, YouTube ads, Gmail ads and more, all guaranteed to attract the audience you want.

Google AdWords – No Budget Or Audience Too Big Or Small

The Google paid marketing system is built around control and adaptability. Whether a sole trader targeting a small local area on a limited budget, or a multi-national company with a big budget looking to sell worldwide, Google AdWords can meet the need. Advanced features allow the marketer to target via location, customer profile, interests and much more. You set the budget you can afford and with the right account management, full cost control is assured.

Google AdWords – Track Your Success With Advanced Stats

Identifying Return On Investment (ROI) can be challenging with most advertising, but not with AdWords. Exact metrics are available showing how your budget has been spent, what is driving traffic and what opportunities exist. The biggest advantage though is the ability to introduce conversion tracking allowing the advertiser to measure performance. This can include identifying the exact source of your sales leads, telephone calls and even the amount of revenue gained via eCommerce.


More Details…

AdWords - Search Advertising >

Search advertising is the most commonly known form of Google advertising. This involves text ads on the Google search website and can include partner search sites. The ads are triggered by keyword searches controlled by you the advertiser. More>

AdWords - Display Advertising >

The AdWords display network allows visual and text based advertising on millions of websites. Here you can target customers by keywords, age, interests and site relevant placements. Ads can be in the form of static or flash banners across a large number of size options. More>

AdWords - Google Shopping >

Google Shopping is an extension of the Google engine and offers image based ads for users to search via a separate platform. This a version of a price comparison site, but is often used by visitors to find a particular item or device. More>

AdWords - Remarketing >

Remarketing via AdWords is a very popular product with our clients and offers the chance to promote to people directly with a recent interest in a websites services. This works by showing both text and display ads to customers who have recently visited your site. More>

AdWords - You Tube >

You tube is owned by Google and this gives you access to one of the world’s largest web  audiences with Google AdWords for video. More>