Why AdWords

AdWords is the fastest way to reach an audience interested and ready to interact with your business on the web. No playing games with the Google algorithm or employing dodgy seo agencies, just build a great website and point relevant searches to your website immediately.

AdWords Offers Control

You only pay when someone clicks on your ad and you control what you spend, where you advertise, what time, what location and so the list goes on. In-fact the level of control offers an endless number of possibilities to funnel down with the display network offering the option to filter down to the demographic you are looking for.

Adwords is Accountable

By putting the correct conversion data in place and accurately calculating costs including margin, it is possible to achieve an accurate ROI figure. This makes AdWords a unique marketing medium as it offers full accountability.

 AdWords is Targeted and Relevant

Right now people are searching for your products and services, with Google AdWords you can reach the right audience wherever they are on the web. As well as targeting new potential customers via keyword searches you can also use advanced methods such as focusing on image ads to a specific audience ready to interact with your business. The Google display network allows advertisers to reach new customers via demographic, location, time of day and even device. Further AdWords marketing features such as the ability to advertise by topic, interest and even type of website.

AdWords Offers Fantastic Brand Awareness

For building marketing campaigns to create brand awareness AdWords is hard to beat. Place your company name or product in front of a very large audience, either local or worldwide. The Google network has a total reach of 90% of the global internet audience and you decide where you advertise.

AdWords is a Small Business Champion

For once the opportunities for small local businesses to compete with the global names on a level playing field are available through pay per click advertising. The key to Google is the reliance on providing relevant searches to the user. Build a relevant business, choose the right online marketing platforms, focus on your audience and the rewards will come. This is further supported by the facility to advertise via location, a great feature for smaller, local based traders.

AdWords Marketing Stands Out

As Google advertising has evolved the number of features have steadily increased allowing pay per click ads to stand out from basic organic listings. The ability to show contact details, imagery, product details and a specific sales focused call to action put the advertiser in control. Additional features such as video, app advertising and highlighted unique selling propositions all combine to make a compelling argument for using AdWords to achieve your business goals.

AdWords is How Google Makes Money

It is worth remembering Google makes no money from organic listings and is constantly battling against questionable seo tactics designed to manipulate the global giants search results. Any traffic from natural listings can never be taken for granted as no fee is paid and the sole focus of the Google search engine is to provide relevant listings to supplement advertising. Google AdWords ads always appear at the top of the page and recent changes have seen Google experiment with 4 ads in the top spots on search results. This has particular relevance when you search via a tablet or mobile device and there is no reason to doubt Google will always be keen to promote paid advertising even further in the future.

More Details…

AdWords - Search Advertising >

Search advertising is the most commonly known form of Google advertising. This involves text ads on the Google search website and can include partner search sites. The ads are triggered by keyword searches controlled by you the advertiser. More>

AdWords - Display Advertising >

The AdWords display network allows visual and text based advertising on millions of websites. Here you can target customers by keywords, age, interests and site relevant placements. Ads can be in the form of static or flash banners across a large number of size options. More>

AdWords - Google Shopping >

Google Shopping is an extension of the Google engine and offers image based ads for users to search via a separate platform. This a version of a price comparison site, but is often used by visitors to find a particular item or device. More>

AdWords - Remarketing >

Remarketing via AdWords is a very popular product with our clients and offers the chance to promote to people directly with a recent interest in a websites services. This works by showing both text and display ads to customers who have recently visited your site. More>

AdWords - You Tube >

You tube is owned by Google and this gives you access to one of the world’s largest web  audiences with Google AdWords for video. More>