Remarketing – Why Does It Feel Like Someone’s Watching Me?

Ever had that strange feeling online when you are browsing the web and adverts keep appearing for the very things you are thinking of buying? Well we can reveal you are not going mad or living in a real life ‘Matrix’ world, but are instead being targeted using Google’s AdWords remarketing software. Remarketing via AdWords is a very popular product with our clients and offers the chance to promote to people directly with a recent interest in the website services you are looking to sell. This works by showing both text and display ads to customers who have recently visited your site or similar websites.

Can Google read my mind?

Remarketing – Fantastic Low Cost Exposure To Your Target Audience

The attraction of AdWords remarketing is you are advertising to people who have recently visited your website and are often in the process of considering making a purchase. You only pay if someone clicks on your ad and you have the added benefit of free assisted conversions, where people go on to purchase without clicking on your ad!! With a Google network of over a million sites to advertise on you are sure remarketing will provide a gentle reminder of your services just at the right time.

Remarketing – Stay In the Customers Mind And Increase Conversion

Subliminal old skool advertising used to be a marketers dream, but now it is a reality. Potential customers visit your site for a reason and have a genuine interest in your services, but they are not always ready to purchase. Via AdWords remarketing you can reach them during every phase of the sales funnel and stay right there in the hunt for their business.

Dynamic Remarketing – Do The Impossible And Win Back Those Lost Sales

Remarketing is a proven winner, but with the use of advanced features via AdWords dynamic remarketing you can increase conversion yet further. With dynamic ads you can show adverts for the exact product or service the customer has been looking to purchase on your site. This approach increases ad relevancy and with the ability to target visitors who did not convert, the chances of winning back seemingly lost sales is a reality.


Affinity Remarketing – Take Your Target Marketing To The Next Level

A successful remarketing campaign offers even more opportunities via advanced features such as affinity remarketing. Through the use of the advanced Google AdWords algorithm you can now target new potential customers also. This new feature looks at the profile of your existing site visitors and targets new customers with a similar profile, fantastic!

Remarketing – Advice From A Google Accredited Professional

AdWords remarketing is a great feature and a must for any online business, if you would like to learn more then please get in touch at and we will be delighted to help.

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