Personalised Business Stats

Understand The Stats – Understand The Business

Introducing the correct statistics specific to a business is an important aspect of any successful web development plan. Here we identify and agree on key performance indicators and calculate accurate ROI stats specific to the goals of the business. All issues with regard to calculating profit are accounted for including margin and the full cost of sales for eCommerce. Measurement stats can be created for brand awareness as well as visitor engagement to ensure whatever the aspirations are for the business, accountability is guaranteed.

Making Marketing Accountable

These statistics provide an at a glance answer on performance and allow important decisions to be made quickly and effectively. A further benefit is the ability of business owners to understand what is happening without sifting through confusing and often irrelevant technical information.*

Business Stats

*Please note for client confidentiality these are not actual statistics.

Monitor Site Activity – Know Your Customer

As well as monitoring ROI and lead generation, it is also important to know who is visiting your site, from where, why and how often. Successful sales figures can be improved further by recording and analysing website activity. Providing reporting on the key site metrics that matter increases the opportunity to build on marketing successes and acknowledge areas for development.

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Return On Investment At A Glance

With all the targets, methods and costs agreed a simple set of equations can be built to make digital marketing accountable. Every area of ROI can be referenced quickly including spend, sales, margin, leads and more.

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